Location et contact



House Arrileku
Quarter Zozaia
31720 Oronoz
649 947 182
Neli Yanci



Access from Pamplona

Take the N-121-A towards France. Travel about 40 km in this road and once you have traverse the tunnels of Belate and Almándoz, just before arriving to Oronoz-Mugairi you will see the exit to Zozaia (NA 4095). Before you arrive to the quarter, a sign of rural cottage will lead you to Arrileku. It will take you 30 min, to arrive from Pamplona to Arrileku.

Access from San Sebastian

Take the highway to France until the last toll, once you have passed it take the exit before the border with France in Behobia. Then take de N-121–A towards Pamplona and drive through until the village of Narbarte where you will find the exit to Zozaia. You must cross Narbarte and Oieregi and once you arrive to Oronoz-Mugairi you must turn right and drive on the right lane that will take to Zozaia on the old road that goes parallel to the new one. Before 2 Km. You will see the road sign to Zozaia and a few metres later the sign to Arrileku. It will take you 60 min. to arrive from San Sebastian to Arrileku.